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Dive into the world of content creation like never before with BeeKonnected Premium Content- the ultimate platform for unlocking the power of your knowledge and expertise. Whether you're a seasoned educator, a budding entrepreneur, or a passionate hobbyist, our platform is designed to help you create, manage, and profit from your own courses and content. With our user-friendly tools and robust support system, transforming your knowledge into a thriving online business has never been easier.

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Content Creations Has Never Been Easier

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Course Creation Made Simple

Personalized Formatting, Unlimited Potential. Our intuitive content builder allows you to easily design and launch your courses, groups, shows, and events. From video lessons to interactive quizzes, create engaging and valuable content that captivates your audience.

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Flexible Monetization Options

Choose How You Earn. Set up subscriptions, one-time payments, or a combination of both with the processing power of Stripe. With BeeKonnected Premium Content, you're in complete control of your earnings.

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Advanced Analytics

Measure Your Success. Understand your audience, see which courses are performing best, and use insights to optimize your content strategy.

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Your Expertise is Valuable. Use BeeKonnected Premium Content to Share it with the World And Get Rewarded.

Engage and Group

Your Community

Build a community eager to learn from you with premium content that educates, entertains, and provides real value. Join your audience on the journey by emailing them with a course database and answering questions in real-time in the business chat.

Comprehensive Support

At Every Step

From multiple templates to marketing strategies, our dedicated team is here to support you– access resources, tutorials, and live support to ensure your success.

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Content Creation So SimpleAnyone Can Do It

"The Premium Content system was a very smooth process to develop and add to my profile. Having a platform where I can not only build a community but also monetize my expertise on my client's schedule creates a powerful combination.

I can now support my consumers in every step of their professional journey on BeeKonnected."


Business Strategist & Mentor

"THE MOSAIC EFFECT: Guide to Unlocking Your Potential"

Every life is a mosaic. This course guides you on a journey to discover the pieces uniquely positioned and placed for your success. Together, we will reveal who you are piece by piece, allowing for deeper connections and unlocking your power to brighten the world.

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Your Questions Answered: Premium Content

There are many ways to monetize your expertise with Premium Content. The most popular options are course creation, paid groups, and paid shows or live events. Through automated emails, you can also sell e-books or monthly blog content.

It depends on the type of content that you are planning to create. Most users are up and running with their Premium Content in one to two hours. You can also launch part one of your course and update it monthly with new content.

What you earn from your Premium Content is yours to keep. BeeKonnected will never take out a processing fee from your paid content revenue.

On the BeeKonnected home page, users can find specific channels for different types of content. This is where current members can discover new free and Premium Content. The channels lead users to a custom landing page to learn more about the offering. A custom landing page featuring your Premium Content is included at the Platinum+ level.

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With BeeKonnected Premium Content, creating and selling your courses is simpler and more rewarding than ever.

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